9-15 August 2021


  • AUG 9: Arrival & Traveling & Visiting
  • AUG 10: Onboarding and meeting founders
  • AUG 11: Surfing & listening to very early stage successful social entrepreneurs
  • AUG 12:Working hard with mentors/developing ideas
  • AUG 13: Working hard & pitch competition
  • AUG 14: Traveling in the city Reflection & shopping & party
  • AUG 15: Goodbye on the roof

About the Blended Mobility in Lithuania

Storytelling: Storytelling and Digital Storytelling (the extension of the Storytelling instrument to the realm of digital media) supports the concrete structuring of business ideas, the development of a clear- cut recognisable identity of social businesses and related initiatives/products and the building of effective group dynamics and cohesion in the internal dimension of social enterprises' settings through the inspirational potential of stories.